The School Effect

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Same Problems, New Thinking

For over 20 years, Live Out Loud have delivered leadership, resilience and team building programs across Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Africa. Our programs are fun, interactive and specifically designed to alleviate the issues that keep teachers and principals up at night, issues such as:

  • A stressed and overcrowded curriculum 
  • Lack of student engagement and motivation
  • Disruptive and stressful classrooms
  • Time spent on parental conflicts
  • Persistent bullying

Over the years, our programs have been so engaging and effective that they often leave students and educators asking us,“What’s next?”

That got us thinking…

  • How do we keep the momentum and sustain the connection we’ve created, when we cannot be in every school all of the time?
  • What model can we create that facilitates student engagement and motivation long after Live Out Loud leaves that school?

From exploring these questions we created The School Effect Model.

Enter…The School Effect

The School Effect (TSE) is a new Project Based Learning Model. The primary aim of the model is to offer an alternate learning approach that improves student connection, engagement and motivation without adding additional stress or work-load to an already full curriculum and overloaded teaching schedule. 

Right now, we are piloting the model at Harkaway Primary School in Melbourne, and to date we have noted astonishing results.

Please watch this short video to learn more about the TSE model and the current implementation at Harkaway Primary.



There are five key elements that make The School Effect model uniquely effective:


Core curriculum is streamed directly into the program

The TSE program is NOT an “add-on” to already time poor curriculums. The curriculum is integrated directly into our program. Educators are able to deliver most of their literacy, numeracy, science, social science, arts and media requirements throughout the program, while our experienced team actively work alongside to guide the process.


“Cost neutral” to the school

As a part of the learning model each school will carry out their own Crowdfunding initiative. These campaigns will fund the program and help students raise the money required to complete and deliver their own community based projects. An exciting aspect of this crowd funding is that the students are heavily involved in the budgeting and fundraising. As a result they learn invaluable real life 'financial literacy' that is not an active part of most education curriculum.


Students’ progress is diagnostically measured online

All students complete a 30 minute online assessment to provide a pre and post program report that allows students, teachers and parents to evaluate a student’s progress. A total of 17 key competencies are measured, including; concentration, self-management, confidence, interpersonal skills and personal accountability.

No additional teacher input or time is required in the measurement and reporting process. The user-friendly report is generated and available to read by parents, students and teaching staff within 48 hours.


Community benefits and buy-in

What do you feel passionately about? What is it in society that really bothers you? What can you do to change the issue? Will you stand up, stand strong and make positive change? These are the questions we ask students to contemplate when deciding on their community projects.

At Harkaway Primary, this underlying social cause culture is building a sense of excitement in the local school community and within the local council. There is a sense of pride among the students in their abilities, and a school-wide determination to become a community that makes a difference to the world around them.


TSE includes a PhD research program

Sue Nelson, a highly dedicated and innovative Live Out Loud team member with forty years teaching experience, fourteen as a School Principal. In addition to working directly with the teachers at Harkaway Primary School and helping them to integrate the curriculum into each student projects, Sue is currently engaged in a PhD research program at Deakin University, Melbourne.  Her PhD is gathers evidence based data to evaluate the overall efficacy of The School Effect program. 


By the end of 2016, we will have completed our two year pilot at Harkaway Primary School, the PhD doctorate will be nearing completion and we will begin an exciting journey to deliver this model to other schools across the globe.

To achieve these goals we need your help.

We have a fundraising target of $15,000 to raise by 16 October 2015. This money will go directly to:

  • Funding the student community projects at Harkaway Primary School
  • Financing the second year of the TSE pilot program at Harkaway Primary School in 2016

The Pozible crow funding platform has been selected for this campaign, making it is an “ALL or NOTHING raise. Unless Live Out Loud raise the full $15,000, we will not receive any of the money pledged.

Therefore, every $$$ will make a HUGE difference, so please contribute as much as you can!

Help make a difference
…Make a contribution today!