MORE Respect = LESS Bullying


About the event

At Live Out Loud, we believe that bullying is one of the major issues of our time; with a huge negative impact and ongoing emotional and financial cost to our communities.

“I’m SORRY” is a chance to start a new conversation and the event is for anyone who has ever been:

  • Bullied
  • A bully
  • A bystander




This event forms a part of the “Early Intervention” work that we at Live Out Loud are doing on reducing the insidious issue of Bullying in our communities. It is the first of its kind in that it targets the bully as much as the victim.

The reason for this shift in emphasis is that “experts” are now telling us that the way we as a community have gone about dealing with bullying is mostly NOT WORKING. The statistics are saying that the number of bullies is actually increasing, not reducing. 

This has prompted us to start a NEW CONVERSATION whereby we will be challenging the bully and engaging them in positively leading the change. We have already trialled this approach with stunning success.

Our aim is to support the bully in changing their behaviour; help them better understand why they bully, mentor them to become more confident, accepting and RESPECTFUL people and in doing so reduce the number of bullying incidences occurring in our communities.

Testimonies & Stories

          A student of mine "spoke in the passion game she has been bullied in school, quite severely at her last school, however she also bullies many students herself. On the way home yesterday she was able to connect how she feels when being bullied to what she does to others, it was a magic moment! The first thing she did when we arrived back (at school) was give out two balloons, one to a student she has picked on in her class and the other to her teacher who she shows little respect to.

          Today she is spreading the word through our school radio station and making posters to let everyone know they can make a difference if we all decide to take a stand."

Kath (Assistant Principal)

          "When I was at school I was a BULLY! Now I'm a father of 2 young boys and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't regret my actions. I keep thinking; what will I be remembered for? Since becoming a father I have reached out to some of the people I disrespected with mixed results. Unfortunately, I can't take all of the nasty things I did back BUT  I can stand up and say sorry."

Paris (Parent)

          "Throughout school I didn't have the best days. I was severely bullied from prep to year 12. I was called names because I wasn't skinny and judged because I wasn't smart. I was bullied on the way to school, on the way home from school, at school and on social media. There was no escape from it!

          When I  tried to tell the teachers I would get pushed away and told to ignore it. I ended up having to reach out to get help as it was affecting my grades. I ended going to mum and reaching out for help. At this stage my local GP diagnosed me with severe depression. But still, I kept getting bullied. 
          At the end of year 12, I had had enough of getting tormented EVERYDAY so I went home one night and wrote a speech. The next day I read it in front of the whole school assembly, approximately 600 students. I was so scared but I knew I had to do it and afterwards I felt so empowered as students and teachers came up to me with tears in their eyes and said sorry.
Ever since that day the bullying has stopped.  
          Today, I've gone from a victim to a survivor and I'm standing here to take a stand and make a difference."

Hannah (Bullying Advocate)

Keynote Speakers

Brett Lee from Iness
Former Federal undercover policeman who facilitates highly interactive cyber-bullying presentations in schools across Australia. Has consulted for the FBI in the USA and other countries on internet safety and security issues.
Project Rockit
Over 10 years experience facilitating bullying programs in schools across Australia. The founders have presented on Australian main stream TV and International forums on bullying.
Steve Brunskill
Over 20 years’ experience facilitating Resilience and Leadership programs in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy and Africa with particular emphasis on reducing bullying.
Evelyn M Field (OAM, FAPS)
Counselling Psychologist and expert on school and workplace bullying for over 20 years with her program “Bully Blocking”.


Key Supporters

This event is proudly sponsored by The City of Casey and:

Bendigo Bank Mount Eliza
Mount Eliza Rotary Club
Mount Eliza Secondary College
Mornington Peninsula Shire
Telstra - Rosebud & Mornington
Lions - Mt Eliza
Nicholas Lynch - Mt Eliza